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About the PHARE Programme RO9803.01

The aim of the Phare Programme RO9803.01 was the improvement of the Roma situation in Romania. The programme provided technical assitance to the partner - the National Office for Roma - the Government of Romania, support in developing a national strategy for the Roma an funds for projects on the improvement of the Roma situation.

Between June 2000 and October 2001, the scope of the programme was:

  • The development of sectorial policies, in collaboration with the Government of Romania, the ministries and the main Roma associations. These policies were based upon a detailed analysis of the Roma situation and were included in a national strategy.
  • The creation of a Partnership Fund for Roma, aiming at involving the Roma NGOs and at testing the sectorial policies.
  • The consolidation of the Romanian partner, the National Office for Roma
  • Awareness campaigns for increasing the activities coordinated by the partner and decreasing the stereotypes regarding the Roma population.

The activities developed in the first part of the project were the following:

  • A research on the previous, on-going or following projects concerning the Roma communities, informing the ministries, the Roma NGOs and the public. Good practice was underlined.
  • A research on studies, reports and opinions concerning Roma
  • A study on the managemt ability of the partner, the National Office for the Roma, indicating the ministries to be involved in the development of the sectorial policies
  • Trainnings for the partner
  • The elaboration of the Partnership Fund and the selection of a fund manager
  • The elaboration of a draft of the national strategy, in collaboration with the partner, and testing propositions for the sectorial policies through the Partenership Fund
  • Consultancy for the development of a legislative framework, based on the international standards and practice
  • A communication strategy providing technical assistance in the promotion of the best practice and in fighting the social stereotypes

After the adoption of the National strategy on the Improvement of the Roma Situation, by the Romanian Goverment, in April 2001, the project focused on the management of the 900000 Euro fund granted for Roma projects and on the trainning of the representatives of public athorities involved in the implementation of the strategy.

Because of the delays in the selection of the projects and in ther funding, the programme was extendent for assiting the 40 projects developed under the Partenership Fund.

The tasks related to the management of the implemetation of the Partenership Fund were:

  • The monitoring of the implemetation of the 40 ptojects
  • Their evaluation
  • An analysis of the 6 fields of the strategy
  • The dissemination of the best practices

The MEDE team:

Rupert Wolfe Murray
Team leader

Eugen Crai
Programme manager

Ilie Dinca
Roma liaison officer

Iulian Stoian
Office manager


Ileana Lupa-Crisan
Paul Dumitrache


Luminita Ratiu
Cristi Mihalache
Diana Catana

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