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Balasz Attila || Mihaela Campeanu

I am Balász Attila, born on April 13th 1975 in Targu Mures, Romania.
I graduated Tamasi Áron Highschool in Odorheiu Secuiesc and after that I worked for six years as a cameraman and reporter. In 1999 was admited at Visual Arts Academy "Ioan Andreescu", Computerized Photo-Video-Proccesing section.
I attended many photo exhibitions by myself or together with other artists in Romania and in Hungary.

In 2000, Ethnic and Cultural Diversity Resource Center in Cluj initiated the ALTER-IMAGE project with the declared purpose of making a documentary photo exhibition. The theme of the exhibition was surprising the cultural diversity of Romanian ethnic minorities in their living space.

I just do not like giving names to my photos.
There are only "fingerprints" of human soul and everybody can see something different in them.

I quote from the ALTER-IMAGE catalog: "We wanted to look though the eyes of diversity, using only photo cameras, looking in the every day life for signs of difference. We have found them in every day life's common places(...). Our exercise is not just a finding, but a signal that something is out there and it must be preserved simply because it exists, because it offers so many aspects, dimensions of universality.
without diversity life would be empty, static, uniform and regular(...)"

If you're interested in these photos, please contact the author at balazsattila@freemail.hu

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