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For applicants who want to understand the exact evaluation procedures that are being used to select projects for the Partnership fund, please look at Chapter 6 of the DIS (Decentralised Implementation System)


"We wish to see the local public administration involved in dealing with problems that are confonting the Roma communities - in partnership with the Roma local reprezentants. We will consider this programme a succes if these partnerships will become instruments in solving interethnic problems" declared FOKION FOTIADIS.

About the Partnership Fund

The European Union launches The Partnership Fund for the Roma in Romania, through one of its Phare programmes. Local public institutions and NGOs with relevant experience are invited to apply to the 900,000 Euro fund no later than 16th March 2001. Interested organizations can apply for a minimum of 3,000 Euro and a maximum of 70,000 Euro/project with a duration that would not exceed the end of 2001.

The aim of the The Partnership Fund for the Roma is to sponsor partnerships between Local Public Institutions (e.g. schools, councils, etc) and NGOs which have experience in working with the Roma minority. The underlying philosophy of the fund is to get the local public authorities fully engaged in the resolution of problems in their Roma communities - in partnership with local Roma representatives. These partnerships will hopefully become practical mechanisms for solving inter ethnic problems.

The Partnership Fund for the Roma is seeking innovative ideas from the community level (see guidelines for details). Examples of the type of activities to be supported are:
  • pilot activities that local public authorities agree to incorporate into their mainstream budget in the future
  • income generating activities for Roma families
  • activities that improve the relationship between Roma communities and local public authorities
  • activities that improve the relationship between the Roma and the majority population in a community
  • small agricultural projects that generate income
  • recycling projects that become sustainable businesses under the auspices of local government
  • activities that improve the capacity of Roma associations
The Partnership Fund for the Roma is a component of EU-Phare programme RO9803.01 (Improvement of the Roma Situation in Romania) - developed with the Romanian government and GLAR (Roma Associations Working Group). Another component of this programme is the development of a national strategy (a White Paper) for the Roma population in Romania, with the various ministers of the Romanian government - together with representatives from GLAR.

The fund will be administered by the CRCR (Resource Center for Roma Communities). Forms and the guidelines for applications can be obtained from:
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