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”We wish to see the local public administration involved in dealing with problems that are confonting the Roma communities - in partnership with the Roma local reprezentants. We will consider this programme a succes if these partnerships will become instruments in solving interethnic problems” declared FOKION FOTIADIS, chef of the European Commision Delegation in Romania.

The Partnership Fund - Projects

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A message from the evaluation committee
A committee of three independent experts, backed up by five assessors, is evaluating all project proposals that were submitted to the Partnership Fund for the Roma. Each project will be evaluated three times by at least two different people.

334 applications were received for the fund, a large number by any standards, and this is an indicator that there is significant interest on the part of some local authorities to form partnerships with Roma representatives, and that the capacity of Roma NGOs to design projects and write proposals has increased.

The Evaluation Committee would like to make the following comments:

  • The committee is very impressed by the high quality of the proposals received. A lot of time, thought and effort has gone into this and the committee salutes your efforts.
  • The EU Phare procedures that were used for this grant fund are the same as those used for all grant funds in all Phare countries. All applicants have therefore gained a useful experience in proposal writing to international standards.
  • Sufficient proposals of good quality were received, which means the full 900,000 Euro can be contracted.
  • A total of 10,000,000 Euro was requested - much more than is available this time. Although the majority of proposals will not receive funding this time, another call for proposals is foreseen for early 2002.
  • Many applicants submitted good proposals but forgot to include essential documents, or made elementary mistakes that made them ineligible. As a rule, all those writing the proposals should get someone else to check that nothing has been forgotten (this is a good role for a project partner).

Once again we salute the efforts of all applicants and want to assure you all that the evaluation process is fair and totally independent of everything but merit. We hope you will not be discouraged if you don't succeed in getting funding, and that you will continue to contribute in concrete ways to the improvement of the Roma situation in Romania.

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