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Strategic framework for the improvement
of the situation of the Roma

I. General considerations

The Government of Romania,

Taking into consideration the difficult situation of the majority of Roma communities, the fact that a great part of Romanian citizens of Roma ethnicity do not have access to basic public services and do not fully enjoy the rights granted by the Constitution of Romania and by other national laws;

Taking into account the historical fact that that the Roma in Romania have been subjected to centuries of slavery and discrimination that have left deep traces in the collective memory of the Roma communities and have led to, and perpetuated, their marginalisation within the Romanian society;

Reminding of the sad experiences of the Roma either as subject of mass deportation and of official policies aimed at their discrimination and exclusion within the Romanian society, or subject of official policies aimed at sedentarisation and forced assimilation;

Taking into account the desire of the Romanian State to improve the situation of the national minorities, as clearly demonstrated by its joining voluntarily the international instruments such as the Framework Convention regarding the Protection of national minorities, the United Nations Convention regarding the elimination of all forms of racial discrimination, the ECRI Resolution no. 3, the Recommendation no. 1203 of the Council of Europe, the Copenhagen Declaration regarding the expansion of the European Union;

Also considering the commitment of the Romanian Government to improve the situation of the Roma and to fight any form of discrimination based on ethnic origin and to offer equal opportunities to Romanian citizens belonging to national and ethnic minorities

Taking into account the specificity of the problems that face the Roma communities in Romania and their desire to identify optimal solutions for these, adopts the following Strategic Framework for the elaboration of policies aimed at improving the situation of the Roma.

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