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"We hope that the partnerships developed through these projects between Roma communities and local authorities throughout Romania, as well as the solutions found for the specific problems encountered in their communities, will become models of success which can be widely replicated in other communities. In fact, the big number of proposals received (334) shows clearly that there is a significant interest for an active collaboration at local level in view of improving the life of the Roma communities", stated Andre Lys, Active Head of the EC Delegation in Romania.

CKH Funding

The CKH programme provides small grants (up to £15,000) for skill-sharing partnerships between Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) from different countries of Central and Eastern Europe and the Newly Independent States. The new Global Grants programme also encourages links between organisations in this region and Asia, Africa or Latin America. There will be just two grants rounds in 2002, with deadlines of 26 February and 27 August. There are particularly welcome applications which address the following: Innovative projects with new approaches to problems; Cross-border partnerships within the four priority sub-regions listed on page five of the guidelines (i.e.. Balkans and Carpathians; Caucasus; Central Asia; Western CIS); Partnerships where skills and 'know-how' are transferred from larger, more experienced NGOs to smaller, grass-roots, community-based organisations, which would otherwise have limited access to funding. In such cases, there will be accepted applications from partners in one country. Further information: www.allavida.org



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