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"We hope that the partnerships developed through these projects between Roma communities and local authorities throughout Romania, as well as the solutions found for the specific problems encountered in their communities, will become models of success which can be widely replicated in other communities. In fact, the big number of proposals received (334) shows clearly that there is a significant interest for an active collaboration at local level in view of improving the life of the Roma communities", stated Andre Lys, Active Head of the EC Delegation in Romania.

Scholarships offered for conflict reporting seminar in Maastricht

Several scholarships are available for participants from
Central and Eastern Europe and Turkey who want to attend a
three-day seminar on ethics in conflict reporting in the Netherlands
in July.

The seminar, aimed at journalists and other media professionals, is
organized by the European Journalism Center, Maastricht, and
Amsterdam Maastricht Summer University (AMSU).

Explaining the aim of the seminars, organizers said that international
media coverage of contemporary wars and conflicts often encourages
misunderstandings of complex situations. Journalists are faced with
problems of reporting cultural differences, often arising from their own
perspectives, which can lead to stereotyping, ignorance or bias.

The course, to be held in English from July 1 to 3 at the European
Journalism Center, located in Maastricht, the Netherlands, will
examine such questions as: How sensitive should journalists be to
cultural diversity? How must journalists handle censorship in
countries where undemocratic politicians, not journalists, rule the

Michael Griffin, who since July 1997 has been associate
editor of the Index on Censorship in London, will lead the seminar.
He has worked as a journalist in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kenya,
Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan, Madagascar, Comoros, Mauritius,
South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Morocco, Turkey, Yugoslavia,
Albania and Mexico.

Before May 20, candidates, who are planning to apply for a
scholarship, must send a letter of motivation, together with their
application and curriculum vitae in English, to the Amsterdam-
Maastricht Summer University, P.O. Box 53066, 1007 RB,
Amsterdam, The Netherlands. For an application form, visit

For more information, contact Manon Braat at the AMSU. Tel: +31-20
620 02 25. Fax 31-20624 93 68. E-mail manon@amsu.edu <mailto:manon@amsu.edu> or
Giuseppe Zaffuto at the European Journalism Center, Sonneville-lunet
10, 6221 KT, Maastricht, the Netherlands. Telephone +31 43 325 40 30.
Fax +31 43 321 26 26. E-mail zaffuto@ejc.nl
Web site: http://www.ejc.nl



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